Our “Healthy Food is Delicious Food” Philosophy

Cornel’s Catering Co. is run by Chef Cornel Robinson, whose personal experience with a lifestyle change toward healthy eating has benefited him both physically and mentally. Our philosophy is that healthy dishes can be delicious dishes, so our food and menus are catered with both health and taste in mind.

We are 100% geared toward supporting the healthy lifestyle choices of our clients by preparing menus consisting of a variety of healthy foods appealing to all senses. We respect your values and taste, and aim for satisfaction guaranteed.

Food is an integral part of your event and we work to ensure that your event is a memorable (and healthy) success.

Our Services: Catering and More

We cater weddings, parties, corporate events, and special events, and our menus are geared toward supporting the healthy lifestyles of our clients.

Beyond our expertise in catering, we also offer:

  • Church and Pastoral Wedding Services, (incl. pre-wedding counseling)
  • A Ballroom Venue (250 Guest Capacity)
  • Event Decorating Services
  • Wedding Cake Services
  • Photography

About Chef Cornel Robinson

Chef Cornel Robinson was born in the beautiful, culturally-rich island of Jamaica. He is the youngest child for his mom, and developed his early love for cooking while watching her.

I used to watch my mom intently as she moved around her kitchen, I would hold on to her or hide behind her when the frying pots got too loud.

Chef Cornel Robinson

Chef Cornel remembers frying his first egg at 6 years old. As he got older, Cornel was a constant presence in the kitchen until at the age of nine, when he prepared a full meal for his family.

His mother Mrs. Daisy Green was his first role model. She was a cook by profession, and worked as the senior cook at Cornel’s community school.

After graduating from high school, Chef Cornel wanted to join the Jamaican Military. As a precursor to that, he worked at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston Jamaica, as a security officer. In 1990 Chef Cornel became a dad to a beautiful baby girl Sasharee, 1995 he was again blessed with his second child, another beautiful daughter Rory.

In 1996 Chef Cornel joined the Jamaican Military, serving his country for 10 memorable years. As a young soldier in 1996, he met and fell in love with his wife Fiona. Together they have three wonderful children, Cornel-Stjohn, Arryana, and Arriel.

In 2006 Chef Cornel migrated to the United States of America to be with his family who were already residing there. In 2007 Chef Cornel’s passion for food was again rekindled when he was employed as a dietary clerk with Centerlight Health Systems. It was during this period that Chef Cornel was exposed to the art of culinary.

As someone who loves to question things, one of his mentor Cook Hawkins, encouraged to pursue higher education in culinary arts. In 2012 Chef Cornel successfully completed the Fine Dining program at Star Career Academy NYC. He also benefited immensely from his 3 months internship at Sony Music Entertainment.

But Chef Cornel did not stop there. He returned to school and successfully completed a restaurant management course. It was then, he decided to convert his passion for food into Cornel’s Catering Co. Inc.

Chef Cornel’s first catering event was for First Church United Brethren in Christ church concert, 320 guests were catered for, and it was a success. Chef Cornel strongly believes that healthy dishes are delicious dishes.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13